Mahoning Shadow Trail

15.50 Miles

Trail Description

The Mahoning Shadow Trail has a flat surface that is easy for bike riding, running and walking. There is little signage on the trail but each trailhead and access point is well marked. Begin at the Fordham Trailhead. The trail parallels Mahoning Creek for several miles, then winds through the town of Punxsutawney. The trail surface is mostly crushed stone, dirt and on street riding in the Town of Punxsutawney. In Punxsutawney the trail is on-road for about half a mile to a skateboard park and baseball field located at the end of Elk Street on the east side of town. From here, the trail winds through a thick wooded area to the small village of Cloe, then on to Winslow where the trail ends. (Note: The there is a slight uphill grade from the skateboard park to the Winslow trailhead). Once you are in the town of Punxsutawney, stroll through the town square, get a quick bite to eat, or partake in one of the town’s many outdoor festivals.

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