Longfellow Trail

North Country Trail
1.68 Miles

Trail Description

The most developed “old growth” Area in the PAWilds. Hike the Longfellow Trail through old growth White Pine and Hemlock. Witness the fury Mother Nature unleashed on four acres of this old growth timber along the way. There are also five other Forest Cathedral Trails to explore while traversing this area which is home to the finest eastern white pine in the northeastern U.S. Trees here approach 200 feet tall, 300-400 years of age, and three feet in diameter. Take a right when you come to Tom’s Run Trail and it will bring you back to your vehicle completing the loop. Other points of interest: timber, Memorial Fountain, wind-throw area. The Longfellow Trail is located within Cook Forest State Park, in Clarion County, north of Brookville. Start at the parking area next to the Log Cabin Inn on State Route 1015.

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