Tracy Ridge Trails

Allegheny National Forest Trails
26.09 Miles
McKean, Warren

Trail Description

Explore the Allegheny National Recreation Area, while hiking through one of the only road-less areas on the forest. Along the way, slopes near the reservoir and along the small streams which drain the area are steep. Rock ledges and large boulders can be found on the steeper hillsides. Most of the area is heavily forested in second growth timber; primarily oak, scattered with beech, black cherry, and hickory. Hemlock is found in small groves along the streams, and some magnificent old white pines can be found in scattered locations. Opportunities to view wildlife are plentiful. Points of Interest: North Country Scenic Trail, Vistas looking at the Allegheny Reservoir, campgrounds at Handsome Lake, Tracy Ridge, and Hopewell for a fee, Old roads and railroad trams. Trail Tips: Restrooms and water are present at the campgrounds mentioned above. Trail conditions can be muddy and wet, along the reservoir, along Polly’s Run, along Johnnycake Run, and on the National Scenic Trail expect to get your feet dirty and wet. The stream at point 10 is rather large and can be deep and difficult to cross (no bridge present). Other named streams along the reservoir also have wet crossings. Views at the vista are primarily visible only when the tree leaves are off. Winter access is limited, parking lots are not plowed. Plan on this hike taking anywhere from 1 to 10 hours, depending on loops selected and your individual fitness level and pace.

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