Butterfly Trail

Bald Eagle State Park Trails
3.07 Miles

Trail Description

The Butterfly Trail is located in Bald Eagle State Park, Centre County. The trailhead is located east of the beach area near Pavilion #6. This mowed trail, created for the conservation of butterflies, increases your opportunities for close encounters with winged creatures in their natural setting. The trail loops around a pond and through a mix of grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and young trees that are host and nectar plants for butterflies throughout their lifecycle. In September, migrating monarchs are often seen drinking nectar on the abundant goldenrod. Bald Eagle State Park is also widely known for its birding opportunities. Watch along the pond, in the brush, grasses, trees, and other key habitats for many species of birds. This trail is a popular family hike. Points of Interest: Interpretive wayside, pond, many and varied birds, and in the fall especially – tons of butterflies. Trail Tips: Watch for birds along the brush and around the pond. Bring binoculars.

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