Moraine State Park Biking Trails

17.99 Miles

Trail Description

A paved, seven-mile bicycle trail winds near the shoreline between Davis Hollow and the Bike Rental Building in the northwest corner of the park. The trail can be accessed at many places in the Lakeview Beach and Watts Bay Marina areas. This trail is not a loop. The trail has many steep grades and curves. Please exercise caution and be considerate of other riders and walkers when using this trail. Trail Biking: There is a six-mile loop trail for mountain bikes on the North Shore. Trailheads are located off of Mt. Union Road and Alexander Ridge Road. Caution: The six-mile trail bike trail can be hazardous. Some slopes are steep and there are rough surfaces and slippery areas. The trail is for experienced off-road riders in good physical condition who have equipment for off-road riding. Bikers ride bike trails at their own risk.

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