Beltzville State Park Trails

15.22 Miles

Trail Description

The Pine Run Cove Trail begins at the southwest corner of the beach parking lot (lot A). It follows a path along Pine Run Cove and loops back through a wooded section, then through the soccer field area and back to the parking lot, approximately .7 miles. Trinity Gorge Trail entrance is located at the end of State Police Road and at Preachers Camp Road. The trail follows an old road, which leads past farm fields and through both open and forested areas. The majority of the trail is approximately 12' wide but as the trail approaches Preacher's Camp it does narrow to approximately 2'-4' wide. Sawmill Trail is broken into two loops, the upper and lower. The lower loop is marked with blue blazes and the upper loop is marked with white blazes. The lower loop on the west side of Sawmill Run is approximately 12' wide. On the eastern side it is approximately 2'-4' wide. There is no bridge to cross from one side to the other. The upper loop is approximately 2'-4' wide. There is some moderate elevation change throughout the trail and there are some obstacles on the trail. The Cove Ridge Trail begins at the Falls Trail Bridge and follows the forested ridge above Wild Creek cove. The trail is marked with white blazes and is approximately 2.4 miles long.

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