Fern Rock Nature Trail

Loyalsock State Forest
2.30 Miles

Trail Description

This nature trail is located on top of the mountain in Loyalsock State Forest, just southwest of Worlds End State Park and on the western side of State Route 3009 (Worlds End Road). The trail was created through the collective efforts of many individuals. It was initiated by Girl Scouts from nearby Camp Lycogis. Over the years it has been maintained by students from Sullivan County High School, the local Youth Conservation Corps, Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA. Most recently, the TREHAB Youth Summer Employment program, consisting of 10 teenagers from Sullivan County, cleared and re-blazed the entire trail and replaced and improved the foot bridges. The ferns and rocks of the area lend the trail its name. You will soon discover the rich, moist, acidic soils of the forest support delicate, lacy- leaved ferns among a rocky forest floor. The coarse, quartz-rich sandstone rock that is scattered throughout the trail was formed from sediment of an ancient ocean during the early Mississippian period 340-350 million years ago. During this 2-hour hike you will traverse 2-miles of flat but rugged terrain. Please wear sturdy footwear and watch your step. During wet periods the trail may be muddy in low lying areas. Please stay on the marked trail, following the yellow rectangular blazes with the blue letters “FR”. There is a shortcut trail, for those hikers who want to shorten the trip to approximately 1-hour. The shortcut trail is blazed with yellow rectangles with a blue “S”. You can follow the narrative guide along the 31 stations to help you learn about forest ecosystems, available using the following URL: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/cs/groups/public/documents/document/dcnr_002943.pdf.

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