Iron Furnace Trail

0.65 Miles

Trail Description

The Iron Furnace Trail within Kennerdell Tract of Clear Creek State Forest provides access to the Bullion Run Iron Furnace along Bullion Run. Trail is accessible from either the Dennison Run Trail or Kennerdell Trail, also within the Kennerdell Tract. Northern terminus of trail is at the intersection of Dennison Run Trail and Kennerdell Trail. Iron Furnace Trail runs southward and downhill through young deciduous forest growth and a clear cut strip of land (grass-covered). Shortly beyond the clear-cut strip of land, trail crosses a very small stream, which is able to be forded easily. Trail continues to run south, but uphill until it reaches a junction with the South Trail to the east. Past the first junction with the South Trail, the Iron Furnace Trail continues southward along a gully which sometimes carries water flow. Bottom of the gully is rocky and potentially muddy. Portions of the side of the gully are passable but contain many exposed tree roots. This section of trail requires great care to avoid falls and injury. A small stream flows parallel to the trail far down a very large slope to the west of the trail. At the bottom of the gully portion of the trail, the Iron Furnace Trail turns westward for no more than 200 meters. Trail terminates at an info board just above the Bullion Run Iron Furnace. The Bullion Run flows roughly 30 feet below the info board, and an old stone iron furnace is situated along its northern bank. An established backcountry camping area is located across the stream from the iron furnace. Reaching the campsite requires hiking down a very steep slope to the base of the furnace and fording the Bullion Run. Fording the Bullion Run may require wading may result in injury if not careful. No additional trails connect to this backcountry camping area.

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