Tyler State Park Trails

24.90 Miles

Trail Description

A large portion of the park is interconnected by trails. These trails allow easy access to park resources and facilities. There are 10.5 miles of paved bicycle trails, 4 miles of gravel hiking trails, and 9 miles of bridle trails. Biking: If you’re riding a bicycle, remember that nearly all of the trails on the west side of the creek are hilly. Slow down and use caution on hills and around curves. Bicycle usage is permitted only on the designated (see park maps) asphalt surfaces. The bicycle trails are named at each intersection. Most of the bicycle trails are over eight feet wide, paved and designed for easy two-way travel. The asphalt trails are multiple-use trails. Be a courteous and safe bicycle rider. Picnic tables are along the bicycle trails for rest stops. Please stay alert for horseback riders when hiking on the equestrian trails. Horseback Riding: Riders enjoy many miles of dirt trails on both sides of Neshaminy Creek. Please stay on established trails that are marked with equestrian symbol marker posts. Horseback riding is not permitted in the picnic areas. Parking for horse trailers is near Number One Lane Trail in the large parking lot across from the craft center. Limited additional parking is available in the lot on PA 332 across from Spring Garden Mill, and at the Schofield Ford Covered Bridge parking lot off of Swamp Road. Hiking: Hikers are permitted on all trails. Gravel hiking trails to the east of Neshaminy Creek link each picnic area. If you want a longer hike, cross over Neshaminy Creek to the west side of the park via the causeway at the center of the park. There you will find most of the park’s bicycle and equestrian trails. The trails give excellent views of the park and surrounding countryside. You can take a short walk or a long hike covering many miles. Several parking lots near the outer perimeter of the park allow access to remote areas and trails.

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