Walking Purchase Park Trails

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9.95 Miles

Trail Description

This sustainable, multi-use, singletrack trail network was designed, constructed and is maintained by the Valley Mountain Bikers. It was built by volunteer labor at zero cost to local municipalities. Over 5,000 hours of volunteer labor have gone into making this trail system a success, transforming Walking Purchase Park into a destination for hikers, trail runners and cyclists. Affectionately known to the locals as "Sals" Salisbury Township's Walking Purchase Park, is a wonderfully flowing network of technically advanced singletrack. The perimeter of trails totals roughly 10+ miles of well designed and maintained singletrack. Riders will encounter rocky sections during climbs and descents, interspersed with smooth and flowy sections. One of the strengths of this network is the excellent use of the land to facilitate a beautiful flow not commonly found. Elevation gains are perpetually linked with fun descents. Any number of smaller looping rides can be ridden simply by using the inner Red trail as the nucleus of the loops. Advanced riders won't want to miss the Boulder Trail, the name says it all. Experienced intermediates can finish the outer perimeter in about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Advanced riders typically finish the outer loop in 60-90 minutes.

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