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Crooked Creek Lake Trails
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Trail Description

Nestled among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, Crooked Creek Lake is an ideal setting for year round outdoor activities. Located only 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to discover the scenic beauty of the lake and surrounding countryside at the Crooked Creek project. Trails in the area include • The 141 mile long Baker Trail passes through the Crooked Creek Lake project area. It enters into Crooked Creek Lake project territory in the south, near Cherry Run Road and Cherry Run Creek and it leaves the project in the north as it follows Crooked Creek. This trail passes in and out of Crooked Creek Lake's eastern boundaries • The Laurel Point Trail is a loop trail that returns hikers back to their original starting point. • The Physical Fitness Trail is designed for the health conscious individual and those who desire physical challenge. There are 16 work-out stations throughout this one mile loop trail. The trail is located to the west of the Spillway Picnic Area. • The Fisherman's Trail is a one-half mile gently sloping trail that begins in the small parking lot located below the campground. The trail travels beside an intermittent stream that empties into the lake. About half way from the parking lot to the lake, a short trail branches off across the stream gully by way of a foot bridge. This second trail winds its way through a small picnic grove and ends near the beach road gate. • The Tailwater Fishing Access Trail leads to the most popular fishing spot on the project - the Outflow. The trailhead is located in the Spillway Recreation Area near the ball field. The trail continues along the fence that encloses the Spillway. The trail then enters a wooded area and winds down the hill to a set of steps leading to the right bank of Crooked Creek. • The Beach Trail is approximately 3/4 of a mile long. The trailhead is at the entrance of the beach road. The trail slopes down to follow the left bank of the lake; then ascends up the hill and crosses the road to the beach area. • There are several interpretive trails at Crooked Creek Lake. One focuses on upland plants and animals, while another is designed to give the visitor exposure to a variety of songbirds. There is even a Children's Trail and is comprised of 14 points of interest.

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