Pinnacle Trail

Weiser Trail
2.34 Miles

Trail Description

The Pinnacle, the highest elevation in Berks County is a very popular hiking destination. Blue Mountain, the mountain where the Pinnacle is located, is criss-crossed with trails. There are quite a few different routes that will get you to the Pinnacle. Before you plan an expedition to the Pinnacle there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. There are stretches of the trail that are very rocky, so appropriate footwear is a good idea. If you do the hike in the spring, summer or early fall, be aware that the Blue Mountain is home to copperheads and rattlesnakes. Be aware of where you are stepping. There are two routes you can take to the Pinnacle from the vicinity of the Port Clinton Fire Tower. You can start out at the Fire Tower itself or at the Pinnacle/Weiser Trail, which is about one half mile from the fire tower. There is a road that allows access to both starting points. You can turn onto the road from the northbound (only) lane of PA Route 61, on your right just after the sign for Molino PA. There is a sign for Weiser State Forest at the entrance to the road. The gate that marks the beginning of the Pinnacle/Weiser Trail is about two miles up the forest road. The round trip to the Pinnacle is about 10 miles. The trail is an old logging road. It is not particularly rocky and someone seems to keep the weeds trimmed. Even though the trail goes through quite a few elevation changes, there are not any gut busting climbs-

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