Ligonier Valley Trail

0.51 Miles

Trail Description

The Ligonier Valley Trail and Bikeway, with its Mill Creek Bridge (Rose Stepnick Crossing), provides a beautiful connection between farmscapes and historical town. As construction and signage continues to be developed, it links all the town's popular attractions: Fort Ligonier from the days of George Washington and the French and Indian War; the historic Compass Inn for stagecoach travelers; the new Ligonier Valley Railroad Museum; and the Southern Alleghenies Art Museum. In Ligonier Borough the bikeway gives bikers a safe route to all the restaurants and stores of this famously beautiful town, and further afield the trail leads bikers and hikers into the countryside of Ligonier Township with its hills and farms.The bike route uses the original Lincoln Highway for early motorists, and extends to a nature trail at the Ligonier Township Municipal Center. Part of the trail is complete, and the rest of the route will be finished according to an approved master plan. When done, the Ligonier Valley Trail and Bikeway will be one of the top trail attractions in the Laurel Highlands, and will eventually extend to Idlewild Park, west of Ligonier.

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