Indian Creek Valley Trail

12.80 Miles
Fayette, Westmoreland

Trail Description

Open since 1989, the creek-side Indian Creek Valley Trail traces the route of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad (ICVRR). Just north of Indian Head, you will come to a cluster of acid mine drainage remediation ponds, designed to filter pollutants and sediment from water that passes through the old mines. About midway along the way there are a number of recreational areas for picnicking and other outdoor activities. At about mile 4 the trail reaches the Melcroft Trestle, a pedestrian bridge that leads to a nearby park with picnic tables and restrooms. The trail looks to end at a street crossing in Indian Head. There is another small park here, along with a small general store. If you wish to continue on the trail, cross the street and follow the gravel road on the other side. In about a mile you will come to another segment of the trail; it will be on your right as you are heading south.

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