Hemlock Swamp Trail

Ole Bull State Park
0.90 Miles

Trail Description

Trail starts out wide (3 feet or so). It narrows as it enters the swamp area. Depending on how wet it has been, there are muddy areas that may require stepping from grassy hammock to grassy hammock. At the mid point, the trail turns towards the road and parallels the road along a bank, narrowing to a foot path less than 2 feet wide. Unique features include the hemlock swamp itself where specialized plants can be found on mossy hammocks. The area meanders through several habitat types including deciduous forest, evergreen stands and an open grassy meadow with apple trees and great edge vegetation. It is a haven for a variety of birds, especially in the spring migration. Grouse are frequently flushed, and bears and deer have been observed. Hike can be done in an hour.

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