Beaver Dam Trail

Parker Dam State Park Trails
2.71 Miles

Trail Description

The Beaver Dam Trail is located in Parker Dam State Park, Clearfield County. The trail head is located along the west side of Mud Run Road, 250 yards past the park office. This loop trail follows old rail road grades through thick hemlock trees at Mirkwood, stands of tall red pines, and hardwood forest. Leaving the old grades, the trail travels across open beaver meadows featuring active beaver dams along the slow-moving Mud Run stream. At least ten species of ferns can be found along the trail. The trail passes through Parker Dam’s rustic cabin colony and then along the western end of the lake before returning back to the parking area. Early morning is a good time to watch for the beavers. Stinging nettle can be found along a short section of the northern leg of the trail; do not touch. Respect all wildlife encountered on your hike.

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