Angelica Greenway Trail

Greater Reading Trail Network, Schuylkill River Trail -Thun Trail
2.88 Miles

Trail Description

Paved with gravel for most of its length, the Angelica Greenway Trail branches off the Schuylkill River Trail -Thun Trail at the western approach to the concrete arched trestle just southeast of the Brentwood Trailhead. After gradually descending to the river, the trail abruptly turns right and passes under both the old railroad bridge now used by the Thun Trail, and the active trestle used by Norfolk Southern. It then makes another hard right, following the Angelica Creek west, then southwest, past Alvernia University and local neighborhoods to its current terminus at the KenGrill Recreation Center in Kenhorst. In addition to providing local residents and students at Alvernia University with the chance to enjoy nature, the trail is also part of the Greater Reading trail network, and provides off-road access to downtown Reading and other nearby municipalities.

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