Hollow Creek Greenway

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1.58 Miles

Trail Description

This local trail passes through some beautiful woodlands and valleys, providing an important non-motorized link to a rapdily growing area and saving vital open-space from encroaching suburbs. Long-range plans could see an eventual extension north to Richard Nixon and/or William H. Kaine county parks and west to the york Heritage Rail Trail. This greenway is the initial segment of a much larger system of pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle trails that will extend throughout Springfield Township. One extension (to be constructed as a part of the new Intermediate School construction) will extend to the Jacobus Borough Park. The “Road C Bypass” includes a connector to the Loganville-Springfield Elementary School. Ultimately, these trails are part of a much larger plan to link the Hollow Creek Greenway to Kain County Park, Spring Valley County Park, and the York County Heritage Rail Trail.

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