Rocky Ridge County Park Trails

19.21 Miles

Trail Description

Ninety percent of this 750 acre park is a mature oak forest. Rocky Ridge was acquired in 1968, making it the first county park. It is perched on a rock-strewn hilltop northwest of Hallam, one of the first places the county's original settlers, who crossed the Susquehanna River, established homes. Trails are open to hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers. Trails are closed to horseback riders and mountain bikers during "wet conditions," as determined by Park Rangers. For current conditions, call the Parks Office at (717) 840-7440 for trail updates (available 24 hours a day), or refer to trail open/closed signs located along park entrance areas. No bikes, horses or pets are permitted in picnic areas. Rocky Ridge County Park offers a variety of trail types for various outdoor enthusiasts in a quiet, forested environment. The trails are very popular for mountain bike riding, and are well maintained by the York Area Mountain Bike Association (YAMBA). For an easy hike, there is a fairly level trail that follows the ridge top called Sue’s Trail. To step it up a notch, try the recently improved fitness trail. For the serious hiker, there are many challenging trails that lead down the ridge and offer some hill climbs and switchbacks. You can make it an interesting day hike and cover most of the trails, or you can pick from a selection of loops by combining trails. And if you’re there on the right day, you just might see some horses on the trails. Don’t miss the view from the northern overlook, which is sure to have a few avid bird watchers searching the skies. And if you get a chance, hike west from there and keep an eye out for dinosaurs at the rock outcroppings. Parking is plentiful and the restrooms are clean. Bringing the dog along for the hike is a popular choice at the park, and the water fountains have been designed so that your pup can get a drink. Visit on an evening in December to take a short walk through Christmas lights and heated pavilions at Christmas Magic.

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