Red Lion Mile

MA & PA Trail
1.00 Miles

Trail Description

A work in progress, the Red Lion Mile is a short, multi-use trail that the borough is developing along a section of the abandoned Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad. The completed section begins at Franklin Street and extends west past industrial sites (some active, some long abandoned) and through wooded areas to an open area at the end of Mill Street. Here, the trail diverges from the old rail bed, winding through a defunct industrial area that the borough is turning into a park, before ending at an unmarked clearing off Springwood Road near the boundary with York Township. One notable sight on this segment is Taylor's Trestle, a wooden railroad trestle that has degraded significantly since the line was abandoned in the 80's (the trail runs to the north of the line here). Although the trail highlights Red Lion's heritage as a manufacturing center and rail hub while providing a nice, cool walk through some lush woodlands, there is still work to be done. To date, no benches, lighting, or signage has been posted, nor have any formal trailheads been constructed. Furthermore, the section from Franklin Street east to the old train station (which currently houses the Red Lion Historical Society) has not yet been constructed. Hopefully, the borough will continue construction in the near future. Longer range plans anticipate the Red Lion Mile being incorporated into the Ma & PA Community Greenway, a longer rail trail project that will extend both north and south of town, connecting York with Felton. Unfortunately, ownership of the line was returned to the adjacent property owners after the railroad was abandoned, and local officials estimate that they will have to negotiate with at least 37 landowners before this longer trail can be built.

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