LeTort Spring Run Nature Trail

1.72 Miles

Trail Description

This short, tranquil trail runs close to LeTort Spring Run through a mixture of deciduous trees and lowland marshes bristling with tall grasses and cattails. Bring your fishing gear; the LeTort is one of the finest limestone spring trout streams in the nation. From LeTort Spring Run Park, the trail traces the stream for a short distance then detours around some private property by following East Willow Court to South Bedford Street. At the end of South Bedford the rail-trail picks up again on the edge of the wood line behind Lamberton Middle School. From here, the trail follows the banks of the LeTort to Bonnybrook Road. The LeTort Spring Run and the surrounding woods and meadows provide habitat for a wide variety of wild life from filed mice to white tail deer, ducks and geese and of course the highly selective LeTort brown trout.

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