Tuscarora Trail

Tuscarora Trail: Sections 1-9
76.35 Miles
Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, Perry

Trail Description

The Tuscarora Trail is a spur trail of the Appalachian Trail. One of the more popular sections to hike is a 1.5-mile section beginning across Aughwick Road from Parking Lot #3 at Cowans Gap State Park, climbing along Tuscarora Mountain to the junction with the Geyer Trail. Once at the junction with the Geyer Trail, you can return to the day use area, retracing your walk from Parking Lot #3, or follow the Geyer Trail to the Cameron Trail then to the Plessinger Trail returning to the day use area, or take the Tuscarora Trail another 2.4 miles south to the top of Big Mountain and a spectacular overlook of the Path Valley and Franklin County. From the Big Mountain Overlook, you will have a 3.9-mile return hike back to the park. The Cowans Gap section of the trail is renowned for its unusual rock outcroppings and rock fields.

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